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seralea® 4D technology

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What is thread lifting with
seralea® 4D technology?


Suture lifting is an innovative face rejuvenation procedure under which the face's natural traits are preserved.

The procedure can be conducted under local anaesthesia and without time-consuming preparations. It is ideal for patients for whom a complex facelift would be premature and who shy away from surgical interventions under general anaesthesia.



Why is thread lifting the better method?

The smoothing out of wrinkles using PDO threads has many advantages and is an alternative to classic anti-wrinkle injections, skin tightening with Botox, or surgical interventions.

The advantages for your patients:

  • Immediately visible results
  • Only local anaesthesia
  • Very little or no time off needed
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Application can be repeated
  • May be combined with other aesthetic face treatments or serve as a preliminary step  

The advantages for the physician:

  • seralea® is used exclusively by physicians, who are accompanied by a support network.
  • May be combined with other aesthetic face treatments
  • Only local anaesthesia
  • Immediately visible results, thus high patient satisfaction