seralea® products

threads for all indications

The seralea® product line is composed of different needle and thread types in different sizes, for diverse areas of application. The needles stand out thanks to their extremely high quality and workmanship. The thread material is made of polydioxanone with a dissolution time of 180-210 days, a material offering decades of clinical experience.


seralea® Fadenlifting mono BASIC.pdo


The MONO thread consists of one single filament. As a filler, it mechanically induces a firming up of the deep layers of the subcutaneous tissue and stimulates fibroblasts to produce more natural collagen.


seralea® Fadenlifting screw BASIC.pdo


The SCREW BASIC thread smooths out deeper imperfections with its spiral-shaped, more voluminous design. A shape that can also be used in areas of the face that are under more strain due to facial play.


seralea® Fadenlifting volume BROOM.pdo


The VOLUME BROOM thread consists of several thin single filaments that are lined up in parallel, in order to further intensify the filling effect.


Barbed threads are referred to as BARB and enable mechanical lifting.

seralea® Fadenlifting barb BI.pdo


These threads possess a row of bi-directional barbs that provide a clear skin-firming effect.

seralea® Fadenlifting barb FCN.pdo


A stronger firming-up effect can be achieved with this variant, in which the barbs are arranged in two rows opposite each other.

seralea® Fadenlifting barb FORTE.pdo


The barbs are most pronounced with this injection-moulded material, with a corresponding tightening effect and even greater retention strength.

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