thread lifting with
seralea® 4D technology

How does the smoothing out of wrinkles with seralea® work?

Due to the aging process, the skin loses collagen and elastin. This results in an aged and tired appearance. Wrinkles and bags may appear.

Natural results

seralea® threads stimulate the production of structural proteins, resulting in smoothing and firming up of the skin. The threads are placed subcutaneously in designated face areas, using ready-to-use needles in different lengths and thicknesses, and stimulate the body's own fibroblast activity. The PDO threads applied have been successfully used for many years as absorbable suture material in plastic surgery. The tissue is supported and tightened. Any irregular areas are evened out (filling) and small wrinkles are smoothed out with seralea® barbed threads (lifting).

Long-lasting effect

The threads used are absorbable after 180-210 days, the firming up of the tissue structure is preserved for far longer. Optical success (3D effect) is detectable immediately. The 4D effect, i.e. the full effect of the treatment, is mostly appreciated after 6-8 weeks during the course of thread absorbtion.

A regenerative effect for soft and natural results

before treatment
during treatment
after 4 to 8 weeks